Dr Rob Richardson

February 24, 2021 Dr. Rob Richardson Professor of Aquatic and Non-Cropland Weed Science Department of Crop and Soil Sciences Moderator: Joseph Burns, MS student in Soil Science Investigating Autonomous and Emerging Technologies for Incorporation into Aquatic Plant Management Summary Effective management of invasive aquatic plants requires knowledge of the distribution of those plants as well as any desirable plant species. However, vegetation surveys are typically labor intensive as submersed plants are difficult to detect via aerial sensing techniques. Research was conducted to evaluate new and emerging technologies to improve the efficiency of vegetation surveys and overall management programs. Results indicated that hydroacoustic (sonar) signature was correlated with hydrilla biomass, hydroacoustic sensing can detect filamentous cyanobacteria, machine learning can be used to identify species from hydroacoustic signature, and that hydroacoustic sensing can be integrated with autonomous spraying technology