Perspectives on the new USDA regulations for GM Crops | GES Colloquium

Zoom Chat Box with Resource Links*: Blog: We Must Do Better, Todd Kuiken - (*these links won't attach to the links section, so they're here instead) Panel Description: GES faculty review how the new USDA rule changes regulation of GM crops in comparison to the agency's previous regulatory approach and in light of findings from the 2016 NASEM GM Crops committee. Diverse perspectives on the new USDA rule will be shared followed by Q&A and discussion with the attendees. Presenters include: - Dr. Jennifer Kuzma, Goodnight-NC GSK Foundation Distinguished Professor in the Social Sciences, Co-Director of the GES Center - Dr. Fred Gould, University Distinguished Professor, Co-Director of the GES Center - Dr. Heike Sederoff, Professor of Plant and Microbial Biology - Dr. Jason Delborne, Professor of Science, Policy, and Society - Dr. Todd Kuiken, Senior Research Scholar at the GES Center - Dr. Khara Grieger, Senior Research Scholar at the GES Center - Dr. Keith Edmiston, Professor of Crop & Soil Sciences & Extension Cotton Specialist Moderated by: - Dr. Zachary Brown, Associate Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics